Body Treatments

Body Scrub                                                45 Minutes $100

Turkish Bath                                              30 Minutes $75

Shirodhara Awareness Experience          60 Minutes $155

Cupping Therapy                                      30 Minutes $60

Padabhyanga Foot Treatment                 30 Minutes $85


A full body exfoliation from head-to-toe using sea salts and herbal infused oils.

A full body cleansing using heated water, naturally sourced cleansers and exfoliating loofahs.

An ayurvedic treatment focused on reducing stress from increased seratonin levels with a slow, steady dripping of infused oils to the third eye.

An ancient healing method to ease pain with cups using suction to bring blood into the skin of the treatment area.

A foot treatment applying herb-infused oils to the feet and providing gentle massage in circular motions to alleviate points of tension throughout the body.